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Public Transport to Castricum

As the times and routes regularly (temporary) change, we always recommend to use the website http://www.9292.nl/. Through this website you always have the correct date and time of date that you have planed to using public transport. You'll also get direct information about the price, the total travel time, connection points, transfer times, etc.

Nearest train station to Castricum
Railway station Castricum
Stationsweg 2
1901 AA Castricum
web. http://www.ns.nl/

Just outside the train stations you can take the Bus towards the beach. For exact times and routes we always recommend to use the website http://9292.nl/en/.


If you want to determine the exact route from your own street to Castricum? Please it could fill. The form below.

Simply fill in your departure address and then press "Calculate Route". Then your route will be calculated. This may take a few seconds. Next you can just print the route.

Castricum aan Zee, Nederland

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